21 things I would want my children to learn before they turn 21.


1.Love your family

 Nothing and nobody is more important.

2.Choose the right education for you
People will tell you that Mark Zuckerburg did fine without a college degree (they will  conveniently leave out the fact that  before dropping out, he actually got in to Harvard). Be careful and thorough with what kind of education you want. Your college years will be one of the most constructive, perspective- altering times of your life, so choose wisely.
 Mark Zuckerberg
3. You are the sole owner of your body.
How big or small you want it to be, and it actually is, how much of it you want to cover and how much you want to reveal, and absolutely anything you want to do with it, is your right and your decision.
(I personally think tattoos are for people who don’t think too far into the future, but hey, if you want to get one, go ahead, I don’t own your body.)
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4. It’s okay to be spiritual, in fact it might be good for you.
learn the difference between religion and spirituality. It’s often misunderstood.
 iStock_000013553886Small (1)
5. Be loyal
Don’t cheat on the people you love and the job that feeds you and your family. You might screw up once in a while, and when those times come, don’t forget to be honest.
obama-biden-laugh-at-americans (1)
6. It’s okay if you don’t like sports.
But try to find something you can do every now and then that makes you feel healthy.
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7. Don’t hate what you don’t understand.
Respect all people equally, even if you find it hard to relate to their lifestyle or preferences.
 tumblr_m7azvw5K2r1qjd5wfo1_500 (1)
8. Have dreams that are bigger than you.
Remember: Martin Luther King didn’t live to see President Obama. Believe in miracles. Sustainable change takes a life time of work. So don’t aim at the easy goals.  It’s okay if you don’t live to see the results of   what  you do: it doesn’t make your work any less important.
9. Prioritize
Find your priorities. (I won’t tell you what to put on your list but for me: family, health and education has always been my top 3)
10.Not everything you do  in life has to be profound.
 Don’t forget to give yourself a break. Have entire weekends dedicated to TV, binge eat in bed, watch trashy reality TV shows (that are in no way going to make the world a better place) just because they are entertaining. Not everybody wants to watch the Discovery Channel after a long hard day/ week. Not everything you do has to be profound, real life isn’t Downton Abbey.
11.  We are all equal, here. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
If anyone makes you feel less than you are, for the color of you skin, for where you come from, for the gender of the person you love, for the religion you have faith in, stand up, speak up, roar. 
12.  Never be ashamed of who you are or who you love. 
Nothing you do with love can ever be wrong.
13. The opposite of love is not hate.
It’s indifference. Don’t hate what you don’t love. 
14. Give, give and give.
Even when times are hard for you.
15. Don’t chase after other peoples’ power. 
You have all the power you need within yourself. 
16. Fall in love.
It might be the best thing you ever do in life.
17. Violence is never the answer.
Hurting someone else won’t heal your wounds.
18. Except when someone tries to harass you on the street.
 Then you punch the teeth off that mother’s face. Here’s some inspiration.
 download (10)
19. But jokes aside, compassion will take you a long way.
There’s no better ego-boost than being the bigger person in a conflict.
20. The most important things in life are not things.
So while you chase after seemingly endless horizon of money and power don’t forget the people in your life. Because no amount of money or power could buy you love.
21.  Don’t ever forget that I love you.
I loved you even before you were born, and I couldn’t wait to meet you.  There’s no love anyone can ever get warmer than a mother’s love. I learnt that from mine.

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