My mother, by the entire fabric of her being, is a power woman. From an intellectual academic, to a professional live wire, a phenomenal author, to a perfect mother, a great wife, there is nothing that she isn’t. She and my father together worked relentlessly hard to build good life together, and they gave my brother and I everything any parents possibly could. She taught us the guilt of privilege. She constantly reminded us how fortunate we are to have the privilege of such good childhoods, and taught us the fact that, there was always a child out there who worked ten times harder than we did and had a fraction of the comfort we do. Thanks to her, my brother and I learnt to never take our lives for granted. All our successes, all our happiness goes back to her wisdom.

Growing up watching her, I learnt to write books, I learnt that it was possible for a hard-working woman to be anything she wants to be. I learnt to believe in god, I learnt to be thankful. And most of all, she taught us to give. All her life is dedicated to giving. Words cannot explain the service her work has done for Sri Lanka. Numbers cannot explain the funding our country has received thanks to her hard work. Almost 30 years as a sociologist, she has worked tirelessly to help thousands of people receive the education they deserve, pursue carriers in the arts, strengthen the Sri Lankan theater, and create institutions to spread the education in Buddhism around the world.

May all the good you do, follow you around like a shadow. May the Gods always look upon you wherever you go, look after you and give you all the strength you need and more to keep doing what you do. May the noble triple Gem bless you.


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