An Open Response to Namal’s rant on the Colombo Telegraph “Vengeful Politics And Rugby: Phone Calls To My Brothers”

I’m so sorry life has been so hard for you lately. I’m sorry about your horses and all those unlicensed elephants now astray on the streets of Colombo. I’m sorry you had to say goodbye to all those Ferraris, Audis and Bugattis you bought with your hard-earned trillions of tax-payer money. I’m sorry about all that gold from the treasury that went missing, the mystery must be keeping you up at night. How is your mother by the way? The story around town is that “She sells sea shells by the sea shore of the Seychelles”. Satire aside, I hope she’s well, I think she wasn’t all that bad. I’m sorry your brothers lost their rightfully earned captaincy in the military rugby teams. To have three brothers talented enough to captain the tri-force teams at the same time was truly a blessing for the nation, such a beautiful coincidence, in fact it might be “Asia’s Miracle.” I’m also sorry about those phone calls you got, but I guess, if I were you I’d be happy I’m getting any calls at all, because from what we hear, all those who used to be in line to talk to you have now crossed over to our side. (I mean you still have Weerawansa, but who wants to be on the phone with him, right?) Now that you don’t have to spend so much time on Rugby I see that you’ve gotten really into sharing your grievances through blogging. So don’t get so down on yourself, at least you’ve got that going for you.

I’m not writing to merely offer you my sympathy. I’m writing to thank you.

I want to thank you and your family’s regime for the great lesson you all taught our great nation; the lesson of politics, karma and and the power of the people. While there were certain things that your father and his regime did for this country that we will always be grateful for, there is so much that you all have done, that will never be forgiven. You spent most of your time in power trying to victimize others through your power, and assuming way too much. You assumed that despite Sri Lanka being such a small country, nobody will notice the culture of corruption you created. You assumed that what felt right for you was what was right for the country. You assumed that all Sri Lankans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and that we will love you and vote for you, no matter how bad you treat us. You assumed that stripping the General who took bombs and bullets to lead this country to freedom off his ranks and having junior military officers drag him to jail was the right way to go about. You assumed that minorities didn’t matter, you didn’t care to reconcile, you didn’t want to hear their struggle. Not your electorate, not your people, not your problem. (Equal rights, screw that, right?) You took away their lands in the north, and you seized our lands here in the south, with no compensation. You assumed that thugs and family were the masters of foreign policy, so you gave diplomatic passports to hundreds of henchmen and family members and sent them away to important foreign service posts, while the hardworking students who crawled up the free education ladder and passed the Foreign Service exams with flying colors stayed at home, unemployed. You assumed that killing our protesters, threatening our journalists, censoring our media and taking down anyone who criticized you was the way to go.While you can grieve all about being a victim of vengeful politics, you must know that your family wrote the book on vengeful politics, imprisoning political opponents and wrongfully impeaching Chief Justices.

Our country with all its diversity and baggage has a habit of uniting as one and working together to save our nation from times of grave depression. Such instances are a rare sight. One such instance was the 1948 independence struggle when Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims united to fight against colonialism. And since then, the first time we all united to fight for the democracy of our great nation was this Presidential election when we overthrew your regime. I think a main reason for this was that the fact that the governance your regime believed in was your own kind of colonialism. The Brits enslaved us, took away our rights, seized our lands, stole our resources, invested in our country and sent the benefits they wrongfully reaped back to their homeland. You did pretty much the same, with the exception of the fact that instead of giving the benefits to the homeland, you took them home. I’m writing to thank you for reminding our nation which has been apart for many decades, the power and the importance of uniting as one people. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

May the noble triple gem bless you and the gods forgive your sins even if the Supreme Court doesn’t.

(There are several mistranslated versions of this post circulating in the media. Please note that I have not yet released this or its translated versions to any other website. This is the only legitimate version of this post.  Any post similar to this shared on other websites was not done so upon my approval.)



99 thoughts on “An Open Response to Namal’s rant on the Colombo Telegraph “Vengeful Politics And Rugby: Phone Calls To My Brothers”

  1. Please write this article in Sinhalese cause we still have the 47% of the people who thinks what they did was right. But all credit to the writer well said. Keep up the good work

  2. “I’m writing to thank you for reminding our nation whose been apart for many decades, the power and the importance uniting as one people. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

    This statement is laced with sarcasm, however, if you read deeper it is also very true. Profound. Thank you for this.

  3. BRILLIANT!!! I agree with Kevin wholeheartedly. This English version is really ‘preaching to the converted’. Please do translate this in SINHALA and circulate it as widely as possible amongst the 46+% of the still gullible Southern voters who very unfortunately still believe that the country should be ever grateful to ‘King MR’ (Alibaba) and his bunch of thieves despite all you have stated.

  4. Very well said. I agree with the earlier comments that this needs to be translated into Sinhalese and posted as well. I love the pun in your writing.

  5. Applause Applause!! This is awesome! You have spoke for millions of Sri Lankans. I wish I could see the face of the ‘Rajapakshe’s while reading this! Keep it up Thisuri..

  6. Couldn’t have said any better! With a bowl of sarcasm and fresh cut facts, author makes the dish much better when she sprinkles some pepper with those wise words of wisdom in brackets! Kudos to you my friend, I’m a fan!

  7. Very well said Thanks, but this article is bot going to reach most of our Sri Lankan. I think you should translate this in Sinhalese and Tamil and must publish in all the news papers.

  8. This is truly a great illustration of words and you slapped them right their in the faces with this response. Hats off to you for writing this letter.

  9. Very good piece, and correct about Colonialism and the comparison of the damage wrought. I am English and my wife and I visited Sri Lanka on our honeymoon in 2007. We stayed near the tea plantations for one night and that was enough to show us what the British Empire did. We returned the following year to establish a school for youth of the tea plantations which is still running to this day in Maskeliya. I say this not to self-promote, but to add to your criticism of this regime. We lived in Maskeliya for four years, training our local teachers and managers, but in the face of increasing anti-foreigner and anti-NGO feeling that was stirred up by MR. Many good people, who came to help and try to make amends have been ousted from the country. My family lived off less than Rs 30,000 a month whilst there and we were very happy… but the increased visa costs, the tourist charges at cultural sites when taking our 150 students to show them their own country, the prying into our bank accounts and all the while the government forming strategically suicidal deals with the Chinese… it made it hard, really hard to help. The support of the BBS through police indifference and hired thugs endangered the peace that had been created, working to create a new ‘enemy’ in the Muslims after the Tamils… thank God the family has gone… we had to go, we were forced out by them when trying to good… thankfully they were forced out by you all for doing bad. God bless your beautiful country and your wonderful people!

  10. Well said….. Our country is a blessed country in this small world where wrong doors are punished by the law of nature though court does not. We all are lucky to chase away this family. Otherwise our next generations could have ended up in bankruptcy and indebtedness to China and to other nations one day because it was not a genuine development but develop their own bank accounts overseas.

  11. “To have three brothers talented enough to captain the tri-force teams at the same time was truly a blessing for the nation,” This should be corrected as two brothers! Yositha-Navy and Rohitha-Army. None of them captained Air force according to my knowledge. Anyway nice sarcasm and well written article!

      1. Whether they held the captaincy or not, that they acted and behaved with more powers than that of a captain, was a very well known fact. The understanding is that they have had their own bungalows within the force premises, had their own helicopters and that even the superiors always had to act to their orders

  12. I was wondering whether any one could reponse to their claims and grıevances and yours came at the right time. Lady you have said it all on behalf of all Sri Lankans

  13. Please write this article in Sinhalese, cause we still have 47% of people who think what they did was right. But all credit to the writer, well said. Keep up the good work Thank you.

  14. Great write up! This speaks for what echoes in the minds of the thousands of young Sri Lankans who love this country and want to see positive change happening!

  15. Great write up! This speaks for what echoes in the minds of thousands of young Sri Lankans who love their country and want to see positive change!

  16. Congratulations on a well articulated piece of writing!!!… you have beautifully captured the enormous frustration that turns our blood boil in anger. It’s been more than theraputic …. Thank you

  17. Thisuri Totally agreed. Keep on writing cz we want to read. Read something written well.shows that a tip of a pen could hurt more than a knife.Appreciate the literature and thanks to you some new words were added to my vocabulary. ..

  18. Well Said, But should add some more. Father although did not have ALs got his Attorney at Law thanks to Mrs B when she allowed all law makers to be qualified, while son who does not even have OLs became a Law student and in one year completed the 3 year law exam and in 3 months intern (6 months for rest of us) became a Attorney and even the CJ came down to congratulate him. Second son became a Naval officer in the executive branch with out OLs and in less than 6 months became the best cadet and secured a scholarship to England and failed twice there but became the best cadet ever to be produced by SL Navy. Was a Lt. but had a Aid who was Lt.Cdr. what a world. MR was eyeing for all supremacy. One son to become the President, other son to lead the Navy and three services and other son to capture power of Buddha by becoming the Diyawadana Nilame by getting married to a Radala from Kandy. What a plot.

  19. Absolutely hilarious while being so so true. I enjoyed the sympathy mixed with sarcasm. Sattire, sarcasm, straight drives, cover drives and the lot. You got it all. Thumbs up to you lady.

  20. BRILLIANT. Well done girl. Yes, you must translate and put in the newspapers for the majority of non high tech people to read and be aware! Keep writing. Look forward to more of this 🙂

  21. Brilliantly composed! you have given an unbiased evaluation of facts and enlightened the negligent blind followers of our ex- president.

  22. Ohh god…. What a words…. really superb……. words clearly enlightened the corruption of Srilanka…….Thanks fir that….

  23. Brilliantly written, sarcasm, satire ..mind boggling.. Great write. Thumbs up for you. Keep writing..and please translate into Sinhalese and Tamil as well.. You see have to keep the 47%… Informed as well. They deserve to know the truth. We fail, if we don’t.
    Thank you.

  24. Brilliant piece of writing Thisuri! As someone who has voted in quite a few elections, for both the losing side and the winning side, I’d venture to say that we can determine whether the 51% made a better choice or the 47% did, only after a few years have passed and with the benefit of hindsight. However, I think your reasoning is spot on and it’s been presented very well; keep up the good work!


  26. While the sarcasm and wit are appreciated, and the spoiled brat richly deserves the public’s ridicule for using Sri Lanka as some kind of perverse playground in which to frolic at will, much of the blame should be partitioned off to his parents who imbibed this supremely arrogant attitude on their kids. They did not know humility or compassion; they did not feel the people’s hunger and suffering. I hope they are brought to justice as quickly as possible.

  27. This is awsome! Nicely written to the point thank God Rajapaksha family is no longer in power otherwise people like you never had the freedom to write the truth about their corruptions I hope they will bring to the justice and put each of them in the jail if they continued to be in the power they would have sold our country to Chinese they brain washed the people in SL by creating beautiful roads and highways, but not many people knew how much the Rajapaksha family benefited millions of money from those projects I just want to make a comment to you for one thing please remember if the Britts didn’t occupied our country we would have been still in stonage I don’t think even the Britts stole our resources like the Rajapaksha family dud if people are clever in SL they should never ever vote to bring a single family member from Rajapaksha to politics.

  28. The curse, tears weeping of the oppressed will never ever go waste. It is All Mighty Gods punishment depending on KARMA worked well. This will be an eye opener for our future dirty politicians]. Sri Lanka needs a STATESMAN not a politician to lead us/ Hope our new President will prove that he is a Statesman.
    UNITY; & FREEDOM is only when the following are followed by all Tamils, Sinhalese speaking people in this beautiful island.
    Respect our National Flag. [when all feels that is dear to them]
    When all stand up and pay respect when the National Anthem is sung
    Cheer for the Victory of Sri Lankan Team in Cricket, Football and other Games and Sports.
    To feel that Sri Lanka is their Country.
    During the brutal regime none of us respected the above:
    Will this CHANGE – depends on the present PRESIDENT – ???????

  29. Excellent write up… you put words on paper of what most Sri Lankens were thinking… it should be food for thought, for the present regime and any future politicians.. that majority of the people in our beautiful country are educated/smart and you cant pull the wool over their eyes for long… sooner or later the truth comes out… and no crime should be left unpunished… people power spoke loud and clear 😊😊😊

  30. Very true picture of what happened in this beautiful country of ours. Let’s not give a chance to do these things ever again. Let them be in Madamuulana and not in Colombo. “Carlton” is not their’s too – some know this too though they say it’s their’s.

  31. A gem of an article! We Sri Lankans are lucky to have such talented writers like you. May God Bless You and Protect You!

  32. Brilliantly written piece that mirrors the sentiments of all Sri Lankans rejoicing at ridding the country of a malignancy unknown before but totally (? ) routed out through exercise of people’s power. The country should still be grateful for the lessons it learned through abuse of Democracy in manners unheard of, offering goodies at Tax payer expense to greedy politicos of all shades, ostensibly to buy the two third majority in parliament, to mention just one of those.

  33. Excellent peice of work they should put your name in for a Pulitzer. Better than what Shakespear did with Mark Anthony’s speech at Ceasers funeral.

  34. This should be translated into Sinhala and Tamil too, so that people will know how it was during the Rajapakse regime. A well written article. Please do have the courage ro write more and more.

  35. Sri Lanka needs more people like you. Brilliant stuff. Please translate to Sinhala and Tamil for wider reach

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