I Like My Whiskey Neat

In honor of all the women in politics and political activism in Sri Lanka and their relentless fight against sexism.

What if I couldn’t live by the stereotypes?
What if I don’t want to get caught in the wave,
I don’t want to get on that boat.
What if I just want to stand my ground and say my story as it is?
What if the world just isn’t ready, but maybe someday they will be.
What if I don’t want to drink wine like a lady should,
What if I like my whiskey neat?

Death threats to my pen, while the murderers roam free.
The struggle isn’t a hobby it’s a duty, a responsibility.
The fight is important; only a few believe.
Is it really freedom if only the corrupt are free?
Happiness in the palace while the slums cry to sleep.
I write for the little ones,
I fight for the little ones, the ones who can’t breathe,
Their air stolen,
Their hearts broken,
Politicians promises are last nights dinner.

I write for the little ones,
To fight for the little ones
To give them education
Give them the knowledge they need to fight for their little ones.
I tell the truth, the cold truth.
It hurts, it stings the fallen kings.
It gives them a taste of the pain the little ones felt when their rights were taken away.
Nobody wants to feel that way.
So listen. Don’t shame me. Fight me right.
Don’t pull out your stereotype guns.
They don’t work on me.
I’m twenty one, five foot three,
No one tells me what to be
I chose this fight not to play it safe,
So bring your guns, keep your chivalry behind
Give that sexism back to 1953,
Some wine for the lady?
No thank you.
I like my whiskey neat.


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