Democracy: Western Concept or Universal Value?

  Originally published on my column for UNICEF‘s Voices of Youth. There are so many meticulous definitions of democracy, from electoral democracies to flawed democracies to hybrid regimes and liberal democracies that it could be broken down and be infinitely debated on its requisites, pros and cons. In his book, The Spirit of Democracy, Larry Diamond, one of the pioneer advocates of democracy, simplifies his … Continue reading Democracy: Western Concept or Universal Value?

For Ganga,

(Below is the letter I sent to the chief priest of Gangarama Temple requesting better care for Ganga the baby elephant.)  *** පින්වත් පොඩි හාමුදුරුවනේ, ගංගා ඇත් පැටවියගේ අයිතීන් වෙනුවෙන් සටන් කරන ලොව පුරා පරිසරවේදීන් දහසක් දෙනාගේ ලිපි ඔබවහන්සේට පසුගිය කාලයේ ලැබෙන්නට ඇති. සමහරක්විට ඔබවහන්සේ ඒවා කියවන්නටද ඇති. ඒනිසා මම මේ ලිපිය ලියන්නේ සත්ව අයිතීන් ගැන ඔබවහන්සේට කියාදෙන්නට නොවෙයි, හුදෙක් පරිසරවේදියෙක් ලෙසත් නොවෙයි. මා මේ ලිපිය … Continue reading For Ganga,

What The Rajapaksas Cost Us: The Numbers

10 Allegations of money laundering, embezzlement, fraud and mishandling of state funds by the Rajapaksa administration supported by verified media sources. (Click on each underlined hyperlink to access the media sources) 1. Tsunami Aid Fraud: Rs. 83 Million Rs. 83 Million of Tsunami aid meant for rehabilitation that Rajapaksa transferred to three private bank accounts in 2005. 2. The missing Rs. 26 Billion from the Colombo Katunayake … Continue reading What The Rajapaksas Cost Us: The Numbers

Good Governance 101: the road to Democracy

  1.Where are we now? Sri Lanka is currently categorized a Flawed Electoral Democracy in most leading  democracy indexes and scales of the world. An electoral democracy is a nation state that meets the minimum requirements of democracy: the existence of free and fair elections. Although there are regular elections held in Sri Lanka, those elections  do not fully meet the conditions of “Free and … Continue reading Good Governance 101: the road to Democracy