America’s Democracy Promotion Mechanisms

America is arguably the most powerful nation in the world. Its wealth and military capacity is almost incomparable with those of other powerful nations. For instance the United States’ annual military budget, is larger than the total of the world’s top 26 military budgets combined. With this great wealth and power comes great the responsibility of national security. This responsibility often entails eliminating all threats … Continue reading America’s Democracy Promotion Mechanisms

Sri Lanka’s Daughter

Originally published on Colombo Telegraph Pic by Before the protests, before this became a debate about race, political affiliations, and law, even before her body was found, happened something that happens every day in Sri Lanka. Something that we need to talk about. It doesn’t matter if she’s Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or Burgher. She’s a citizen of this country. She’s a daughter; Sri Lanka’s daughter. … Continue reading Sri Lanka’s Daughter