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Thisuri Wanniarachchi,21,  is the author of two novels Colombo Streets (2009) and The Terrorist’s Daughter (2014).  She is one of the youngest authors in the world to write a local bestseller. She is the youngest nominee to the prestigious International Writers Program of the University of Iowa and the the youngest State Literary Award winner in Sri Lanka.

Colombo Streets was published when she was fourteen years old and went on to become a local bestseller. It won the 2010 State Literary Award for the Best English Novel of the year in Sri  Lanka. Her second novel, The Terrorist’s Daughter, launched recently, has received many great reviews and ratings.

A recent research claims that Thisuri’s work, both online and print, has inspired millions of people all around the world.

She has studied writing at Hampshire College, Amherst College, University of Massachusetts, Smith College, and at The Kenyon Review of Kenyon College.

Her books (fiction) speak about her generation in Sri Lanka, growing up with war and transitioning from war to peace. Her academic writing and research explores the politics of freedom and how to use education as a tool to achieve sustainable social and economic progress in post- conflict nations.

Thisuri is currently studying for her undergraduate degree in Political Economy at Bennington College and divides her time between college in the United States and her work in political and  education reform advocacy back home in Sri Lanka.


17 thoughts on “Thisuri Wanniarachchi

  1. Hi Thisuri, I m so proud of you girl. Was reading the open letter you ve written to Namal and I have forwarded it to Kavisha as well. You said it all, great work.
    All the best
    Aunty Indu ( Kavisha s mom)

  2. Just amazing to have discovered you, reading the article on the Colombo Telegraph [Response to Namal Rajapakshe’s Rant…] Keeep up the good work. God Bless!

  3. Fearless and the plain truth. Congratulations Thisuri, as a mother of four sons, mainly of the same age group as you, I thank you for giving us an insight to the thoughts of the youth of today, in our country. Thank you, superb. Enjoyed reading to the last letter.

  4. Hey Thisuri,
    I just discovered your letter to Namal. So impressed with your honesty and grace. I just discovered you. What you wrote really resonated with me. Looking forward to reading more of your works.
    Love and regards,

  5. Ms. Wanniaarchchi: If you as opposed to the Rajapaksa thugs represent the future of the country of my birth I can go to my grave content. Well done.

    Viresh Fernando, CA
    Barrister & Solicitor
    Toronto, Canada

  6. With reference to the open letter to NR; what a wonderful piece of writing Thisuri! Sri Lanka, mod certainly needs people like you! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hello Thisuri,
    Brilliant piece! A Sinhala translation is a must. Doubt that this Namal ( or is it Normal) in particular can even pick up the satire. Thus the need for a Sinhala translation. This guy is a disgrace to that great learning institution fondly referred to as the “School by the sea”

  8. Read මම මා වීම with tears swelling up in my eyes. Yes, we need to work hard to establish true democracy in our beautiful land, the battle will be hard, but not impossible. Thank you and all the best

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